As a cellist, myself, I fully understand the needs of musicians and their instruments. My violins, violas, and cellos are created with these exacting needs in mind at all times. My instruments are handmade to the highest standards I can impose and are created entirely by me using traditional woodworking methods.

I only use the finest available materials I can source. All wood is well seasoned, and I create my own varnishes using historical recipes and materials.

I work tirelessly to produce the finest instruments I can.  

I choose to create enticing instruments which are informed by historical models without slavishly copying them. Each violin, viola, or cello that I make is a completely unique instrument based on centuries of tradition, years of extensive study, and an intimate understanding of each piece of wood I choose. 

My instruments are available through select violin shops, or by commission.

Please feel free to contact me through the Contact Form on this website to discuss how I can help you find your musical partner.